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At Dusk Till Dawn Tek we know that there’s never a good time to have technical issues. That’s why we work tirelessly to solve your issues, no matter the size or time involved.  We know the frustration of feeling like your beloved technology has just simply conspired against you. You just need a friend to come to your rescue and just make your life easier. That’s where we come in. We’re that life line you’ve been looking for!

We aren’t your typical technology service company, in fact we’d love the chance to show you how we’re different.

Honest: We’re not looking to upsell you to a service or part you simply don’t need. Our technicians take great pride in giving you advice that’s straight-forward and logical. We’ll break our “tech talk” down for you so that you understand every detail of our process and suggestions.  We know you’re watching every penny and we want you to know we’re looking out for your bottom dollar too.

Knowledgeable: Our technicians each have their own set of skills and we’ll make sure you get the right person for your particular need. Unlike other places, you won’t just get whoever is on call; you get the right person for your individual need. We’re also more than happy to answer any questions you have. We want you to be informed every step of the way.

Convenient: We understand that life simply can’t stop while you wait on us. That’s why we have three (Yes, three!) ways to offer you top-notch service that fits into your crazy schedule.  We’ve done our best to make sure that we can be here for you, call us today and find out which option suits you best.

Personalized: To us you aren’t just a customer number, you’re a real person. We want you to feel like you’ve called your favorite IT guy, not some stuffy employee and a big name store.  We get to know you as well as your issues, that way we can give you the specialized attention you deserve.  We customize our service to meet your need so that we truly help you in every aspect of your problem. After all, your problems aren’t  cookie-cutter; they’re unique just like you.


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